Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Consider Your Windows For Ways On How To Save Energy

As you get more into things you will discover many ways on how to save energy in the home. Have you already considered your windows?  Are they everything that they can be to you?

Windows are notorious energy drains if not approached in the right manner. Obviously we can't do without windows in the home. So what is so bad about windows and what can we do about them to reduce our energy consumption in the home?

Well, the thing that's bad about windows is that they allow air to pass through them easily. In fact,did you know that 35 percent of your cooling /  heating energy is lost through windows if your windows aren't insulated properly. In other words, 35 percent of the energy that you use could be lost through your windows.

OK, so the obvious question comes to mind...should I replace my windows?

Even though there are several things that you can do to improve the performance of your windows replacing your windows if they are old is probably necessary. Ideally, windows should be replaced every ten to twenty years depending on the type of window and its insulation.  Its not so much their age, though, as the way in which they work.

What you are looking for in a window is a good level of insulation.  You want to keep the heat inside during the winter months and the cold outside and vice versa for summer.  Nevertheless, this characteristic is difficult to achieve with older windows. 

Ideally, if your budget allows for it, you should consider double glazed windows. The air gap between the two panes of glass acts as a insulation layer similar to that around the water heater. This insulation allows the heat to stay inside during winter and leaves the cold inside during summer.

Other thing to look out for in your windows are cracks or breaks in the windows. If there are cracks, breaks and other areas where the window is compromised, you should consider replacing these windows.

However, when it comes to replacing windows, the old saying "quality over quantity" comes into play. You shouldn't go out and buy the most expensive windows out there. Because energy losses through windows make up such a big portion of the energy that you use, you want to buy the best quality windows for energy efficiency that you can.

Ideally, they should look good, but aesthetics should take second place here, since it is more important to get windows that will keep temperatures consistent throughout the home.

The cost of replacing windows is a large one, however the savings you may gain may be just as large.

Because of the rather large investment needed to replace your windows you may want to wait a couple of additional months before purchasing windows and that is just fine. Meanwhile, why not consider any of these other ways on how to save energy to save you money?

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