Thursday, 10 January 2013

Why I Bother Writing About Ways On How To Save Energy

Well, it's because of this question that I hear a lot lately: What are ways on how to save energy in the home?

More and more people are starting to realize that their monthly energy bill is starting to hit hard on their pockets. And unfortunately this scenario is not going to change soon (if at all), as it is predicted that the cost of energy will become ever more expensive in the years to come. We are now throwing away money on expensive energy that we could be saving for that special holiday, or be spending on ourselves or our loved ones.

However, I've learned that by changing small habits and making minor improvements in my home I can cut down on my energy consumption. By applying what I've learned you can reduce your energy consumption at home as well and start saving your hard earned dollars for something special. My profession (I'm a mechanical engineer by day), has also helped me a lot to take me through this process, since this is what we engineers are being paid for......optimization. But, before we can get into ways on how to save energy we first need to establish where we are now. This is going to sound like I'm going off topic, but it's not, so please bare with me.

Saving energy in your home can be compared to a journey. Every journey has a beginning, a middle and an end. You should also know that you can get lost on your journey. All the information for your energy saving journey is freely available on the internet. But, as is typical with the internet, there is just so much information out there that you can get overwhelmed (i.e. this is when you get lost.....when you get lost you won't get to the end, or it might take a while). And that is the main reason why I am writing this, to prevent you from getting lost on your energy saving journey. Hey, and if this helps you save more energy and money in the long run, you might pass this knowledge on to your friends, who in turn pass it on to other in the end, we all save energy, which will also help save our planet.

Ok, before I go off sounding too much like a tree hugger (no offense to any tree huggers out there), let's keep on going with the subject at hand. Like I said before, all the information for ways on how to save energy in the home is freely available on the web. However, to keep you from spending hours of your precious time researching ways on how to save energy at home I highly recommend that you keep on reading this.

I've also compiled an "eBook" (if you will), which you can download for free, just check out the link at the top of my blog homepage. This eBook will take you by the hand from start to finish and also show you some really easy to implement home improvements that will reduce your home energy consumption. Some of the information contained in the eBook is actually in some of my posts. But this is only a small bit. For all the bells and whistles I suggest you download the eBook as well.

A further resource I highly recommend is "Save On Home Energy". This is, let me rephrase......this is THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE for ways on how to save energy at home. "Save On Home Energy" is  easy to read and understand and will show you every little secret there is on how to save energy in the home so that you could save up to 50% each month on your home utility bills without installing solar panels or wind generators. Most of these ways on how to save energy won't cost you much, but the savings you experience will be great.

With that said, I now officially want to welcome you to the beginning of your energy saving journey. Don't worry, it's not difficult at all to reduce your energy consumption, and it will be completely painless too. You will be surprised how much difference a little change can do.

So where are we going to start? Obviously you have to download my free eBook "Ways On How To Save Energy" first. Ok, then you have to know on what and how much you are spending on energy. Next you'll have to look at where you can start easily changing some things to reduce some of that energy consumption. Finally, you will have to check whether or not it is really feasible to make those changes. And, if it is, you'll just  have to implement the strategy, monitor the results and enjoy the savings.

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